Plant Sale Volunteering

Kubota Garden Foundation hosts a spring and a fall plant sale each year which are major fundraising events for the organization. The sales are hosted in the Kubota Garden Foundation’s plant nursery, located beside the Kubota Garden’s crew quarters. This is a fun, fast paced event. Volunteers help over 150 customers select plants, purchase them, and get the plants to their cars.

Positions include: greeter, plant experts, sales, cashier line management, cashiers, carry-out, will-call, parking lot management, and merchandise sales. Below is more complete descriptions of each job.

Greeter (1 person)

  • Welcome customers
  • Hand out customer numbers used to label the plants each customer wants to purchase.

Needs to be friendly.

Sales (8-10 people)

  • Write up sales tickets with plant names and prices.
  • Place customer number stickers on pots
  • Call for carry out staff to take purchased plants to designated pick-up area
  • Rearrange display tables as plants are sold.

Must be outgoing and willing to help customers. Plant expertise is a plus but is not necessary since plant experts will be on hand.

Cashier Line Management (2 people)

  • Direct customers to cash or credit lines
  • Pre-total sales tickets during initial rush period
  • Possibly act as relief cashier later in the sale.

Must be able to quickly and accurately sum up tickets with a calculator (provided) or calculator on smartphone.

Cashiers (4-6 people)

  • Total customers’ tickets and, if applicable, apply KGF membership discount.
  • Process payments either through a smartphone credit card app or cash/check transactions. (KGF provides credit card readers but not smartphones.)

Must be able to keep up with the fast pace of the beginning of the sale. Previous cashiering experience is preferable.

Carry Out (10-12)

  • Hand carry and move (with carts) 1 gal – 10 gal plants and trees from the sale area to the will call area near the parking lot
  • Must wear closed-toe shoes and be able to lift up to 40 lbs.

Will Call/Parking Lot Management (6-8)

  • One person to direct cars to will call from normal park parking lot to small will call area.
  • Additional 6-8 people to load plants into cars.

Must wear closed-toe shoes and be able to lift up to 40 lbs.

Plant Expert (3-4)

  • Answer customers’ questions about plants. Describe the visual characteristics of a plant, bloom times, size at maturity, preferred site conditions, maintenance requirements etc.
  • Some plant experts will also work as sales people if they are comfortable with that role as well.

Must have extensive plant and gardening knowledge especially related to Japanese or Japanese/American gardens.

Merchandise Sales (1-2)

  • Set up products on merchandise tables
  • Help customers pick out merchandise.
  • Write up sales ticket (do not need to total) and hand ticket to customer for check out with cashiers

Must be outgoing and willing to help customers.